The Dirty Truth About Pet Stain Cleaners


Pets. We love them even when we hate them – usually while they are relieving themselves on the carpet and staring you in the eye. They’re saying “Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it, punk!?” Perhaps they are more subtle and wait for you to leave the room, I call that the “hey mom, I left you a present” maneuver. Or maybe they can’t help it. Puppies are still strengthening their bladders and just can’t hold it, while other dogs have insecurity issues and the need to constantly mark something is as much of an addiction to them as smoking cigarettes.

However it happens, you have not failed as a pet parent. All of these issues can be fixed with minimal (or extensive) training. In the meantime… your poor carpets. First, when you find a wet spot in the carpet, use a combination of paper towels and newspaper to dab up the mess as much as possible. Once you feel like you have soaked up a lot of the urine, lay down another layer of dry paper towels and newspaper and stand on it for about a minute to ensure you have absorbed as much as you can. If possible, place the urine-soaked paper towel in an area where it is OK for the dog to use the bathroom so he can learn to associate the smell with the location.

Next, apply a carpet cleaner of your choice. Natures Miracle makes several quality products that have been recommended by pet owners. You want to choose a product that has a bio-enzymatic formula that will break down the uric acid. Rinse the area with water, and dry. Then spray the area with your cleaning product and repeat the same process with paper towels and newspaper until the area is dry. Afterward, I recommend a pet odor neutralizer. Once the actual mess has been removed, the neutralizer will eliminate any smells so the animal does not return, recognize his bathroom scent and mark the area again.

This pet stain cleaner process will work for day-to-day messes, but over time the urine can sink into your carpet and be absorbed in the carpet pad and sub-flooring. When this happens, the problem is much harder to resolve and you may need to bring in a professional. Companies like High Power Clean specialize in Pet Urine Removal Treatments. Using their unique carbonated solution and P.U.R.T. process, they can get deep into your carpets and sub floors to fully eliminate any long-standing smells. They first use a hot water rinse to break up any urine crystals that have formed (the form when the urine dries and are often stronger smelling than the mess itself). In worst-case scenarios, they will pull back the carpet, and if necessary, they will put down an odor blocking shellac and/or replace the carpet padding. P.U.R.T. is then applied to the tac strips, sub floors, baseboards and carpet backing. Over the next 24 hours, P.U.R.T. will break down the odor-causing materials and eliminate the problem!